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Scrap Brass Price Guide

Metal Type Scrap Brass Price
Scrap Brass
$2,000 - $6,500 per tonne

Brass is a metal alloy of zinc and copper with excellent use in manufacturing plumbing fixtures, machines, tools, and more. Because of this, it is also a highly demanded scrap metal alloy for the recycling industry as well.

At NSW Copper Scrap Recycling, we offer the best brass scrap price for our customers in Sydney. If you have brass taps, plumbing fittings, ornaments, or anything else, you can contact us to get the highest scrap brass price in Sydney.

While we ensure the highest brass scrap prices in NSW, it is not constant due to the changing market prices of brass.

What Types Of Brass Do NSW Copper Scraps Recycle?

NSW Copper brass scraps recycle a range of brass scrap products including:

In conclusion, we accept all types of brass scrap products while offering the highest brass price per kg or scrap brass prices per kilo in NSW.

What Should I Do To Recycle My Brass Scrap?

At NSW Copper Scraps, we arrange a free brass metal pickup in NSW and throughout Sydney. You can either call us on 1300 134 084 or request us an online quote for your scraps. Note that the recycle brass price is based on the type of brass material. Keeping different brass materials separated can help you to get the maximum brass recycling price.


You should know that the price of scrap brass is also based on factors such as grade and colour.

Here are a few steps to get maximum brass scrap metal price:

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What Else Should We Can Do For Brass Scrap Recycling ?

Just use our free quote form to let us know the details of your recycle brass scrap price and give us your contact details. You can also call us on 1300 134 084 with your questions and get the quote for your prices of scrap brass Sydney. We have brass scrap pickup vehicles of different sizes, and we can send appropriate vehicle according to the weight and quantity of your brass scraps.
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