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Best Lead Scrap Prices In Sydney

Scrap Lead Price Guide

Metal Type Lead Scrap Price
Scrap Lead
$500 - $2,200 per tonne

Lead is a highly popular recycling metal with its excellent recovery rate of over 95 percent. Note that more than 50 percent of the new lead products on the market are made from recycled lead.

NSW Copper Scrap Recycling offers excellent lead scrap prices to buy the scrap from customers. We then recycle them and return the lead to the market. We accept various types of lead products and offer the best lead scrap price in NSW.

Types Of Lead We Recycle

Note that the biggest application of lead is none other than lead-acid batteries. If you have used lead-acid batteries of your vehicles, you can recycle lead scrap in NSW.

How To Recycle Lead With NSW Copper Scrap Recycling?

We offer a simplified process and a hassle-free pickup option. You can get an online quote for your scrap and schedule a free pickup from anywhere in NSW. You can also call our scrap specialists on 1300 134 084  to get an instant quote and schedule the pickup.

At NSW Copper Scraps, we have specialised vehicles, in different sizes, to pick your scrap metal by offering the top scrap lead prices per kg. Note that lead is a metal that needs careful handling, and our scrap specialists will remove your lead scraps with special equipment.

Is There Ways To Maximise The Rate Of Scrap Lead?

Since almost 85 percent of lead is used for manufacturing storage batteries, you cannot easily remove the non-metallic parts or parts of other metals easily. Also, lead is a toxic metal that can create adverse impacts on the human body as well as the environment.

Because of this, you should have special tools and equipment for the safe removal of scrap lead for a price. Therefore, you do not have much to do to maximise the rate of your scrap lead.

Lead Scrap Price Guide

Note that NSW Copper Scraps is committed to offering top scrap lead prices based on the quality of the lead.

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In addition to offering excellent recycle lead price, we also buy other recycling metals as well. Do you have scrap aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, or copper or want a complete clean out of your garage? You can reach out our scrap specialists online with your questions and concerns, request a free quote, and schedule a pickup.

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